At Asahikan, we have 2 large Japanese Spa style baths. 1 male and 1 female. Each bathroom is also equipped with showers. If you have never used a Japanese bath before, we will give you instructions, on usage. You can also enjoy a great outdoor hot spring experience at Herb Onsen, which is within a short transfer from Asahikan. Please view some photos of Herb (sorry, their site is Japanese only) here. Please ask us about Herb, as we can provide discount tickets for use of their Onsen.



Asahikan has both Japanese and Western style toilets, located on both the ground floor and first floor.



As we are located in the heart of snow country, we are very well prepared for the cold weather. All rooms are equipped with internal heating, as well as in the relaxation space, and dining room.


Dining Room

Dining at Asahikan is one of the most sociable parts of your stay. Breakfast and Dinner are served at specific times, and you can enjoy a chat with some of the regular guests, and the owners of Asahikan, to share your daily experience and to learn about the local area – which resorts are best, what the weather will be like, etc.


Drying Rooms

We have 2 drying rooms available. One for boots, and one for clothing, so no matter what the conditions, you will always be prepared for a dry warm day on the mountain!


Washing/Drying Machine

We have both washing and drying machines available for guests. The washing machine is free to use, however the drying machine is coin operated and costs 100 yen for 30 minutes.



We have ample parking in front, and to the side of the Inn, so those arriving by car, need only ask us where they should park and we will direct you.


Relaxation Space

We have a nice relaxation space, with a traditional Japanese Kotatsu (heated table on the floor), where you are welcome to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere. Also in this area, we have lots of books, toys, and even a jungle gym, for our little guests!



WiFi is available throughout Asahikan, however there are some areas where the signal is not as strong as others. The WiFi network works well, within the dining room, relaxations space, and most of the guest rooms.


Please see photos on our gallery page here